Dan Doyle, The Beach Company’s senior vice president of development, recently spoke at the “Business in Your Backyard: Multi-Use Development” event hosted by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to engage the local business community on issues affecting the Tri-County area. Doyle joined Amy Barrett, executive director of ULI to discuss “density” within the Charleston region and the benefits of embracing mixed-use development.

To begin, Doyle addressed several current market trends in Charleston that have increased the city’s need for affordable housing and opened the door for mixed-use development. He cited several factors, including rising housing prices, population growth and road congestion as strong indicators for smart growth to take place. As land in Charleston becomes a scarcer commodity, Doyle explained that city officials and developers must find new ways to accommodate growth, starting with higher density, vertical developments. He showed how this type of “smart growth” strategy would have a mutually beneficial impact on job growth and economic development in the region, decreasing traffic for Tri-County residents and improving the region’s overall quality of life.

Doyle concluded his talk by highlighting a human-centered land use policy and catalytic infrastructure investment as the two key ingredients that allow successful smart growth to unfold. And most of all – he stressed the importance of consensus-building and civic engagement to responsibly meet the ever-changing demands of tomorrow.

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