Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Cooper joined The Beach Company in 2017, bringing a successful 15-year track record of finance experience with him. Tyler received a Bachelors of Arts from the College of Charleston and began his career as a Development Associate at Indigo Development before receiving a Masters of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University. After earning his Master’s degree, Tyler worked with Flank Development in New York City and with Cassidy Turley in Washington D.C. as a Senior Finance Associate.

Tyler joined The Beach Company after five years as Chief Financial Officer of Johnson Development Associates, a multifamily, industrial and storage development company operating in markets across the United States. During Tyler’s tenure as CFO of Johnson Development the company experienced tremendous growth, starting two new business divisions and opening four new regional offices across the country.

Tyler says, “I was drawn to The Beach Company’s deep-rooted culture that values honesty and integrity above all. Team members respect and embrace these principles in their work and decision making.”

As Vice President of Finance, he is responsible for underwriting, financial analysis and assisting in asset management, procuring debt and equity for new projects, and oversight of risk management, accounting and administration, tax planning, and compliance.

“There are very few 75-year-old real estate companies out there for a reason,” Tyler said. “Companies have to innovate, adapt, and change with the world around them or they become irrelevant. It is obvious that The Beach Company and its leadership has done an excellent job at continually changing in an effort to excel at everything it does.”


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