The Beach Commercial Team from L to R: Eddie Hughes, Edward Robinson, Alex Dillon, Jenny Dickerson & Carlmichael Harrison

Beach Commercial is the oldest locally owned commercial real estate firm in Charleston, and The Beach Company’s clients have benefitted from their knowledge for years. The commercial team recently shared the top 5 most pressing issues facing the Charleston region’s commercial real estate market.

  1. How have local market conditions affected commercial real estate in the Charleston Tri-County region?
    The Charleston Tri-County’s rapid rate of growth has increased the complexity of commercial real estate transactions. Vacancies are in decline. Rental rates and asking prices are on the rise. Such complexities emphasize the importance of market knowledge, industry relationships and timing to commercial real estate buyers and sellers alike.
  2. What are the hottest areas of commercial real estate development today?
    Tri-County commercial space absorption is at an all-time high, encouraging developers to seek areas of redevelopment and land in well-positioned submarkets.
  3. How does the macroeconomy affect regional commercial real estate transactions?
    The macroeconomy influences commercial real estate transactions at the regional level through a number of factors, including changes in federal legislation, the increase in urbanization, trends in consumer preferences, security and safety concerns, climate change and resource scarcity concerns.
  4. How can companies improve their chances of long-term success after a commercial real estate deal?
    Real estate owners and developers, even in the earliest state of a deal, should connect with thoroughly vetted architects, contractors and other vendors to form successful business partnerships that will produce long-term results.
  5. What considerations are important for selecting a commercial real estate firm?
    The two most important factors are sales results and exceptional service. It all boils down to the fact that commercial real estate is a performance-based industry. Thus, comprehensive experience across the full range of commercial transactions is essential when selecting the right firm.

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