The Beach Company founder, J.C. Long

Today The Beach Company employs more than 300 talented individuals, is responsible for dozens of landmark projects in the region, has ongoing projects in the pipeline in major cities throughout the Southeast and is poised for further growth on all fronts. But the success of The Beach Company did not happen overnight.

For more than 70 years, the five-generation family-owned business has been guided by visionary leaders with the foresight to steer the company successfully through unexpected world events, economic booms and recessions. The company has seen depression, wars, housing crises and a recession, yet has never defaulted on a loan. The company’s success is attributed to its nimble, strategic leadership and dedicated employees.  Let’s take a look at the leaders behind our company’s success, starting with its founder, J.C. Long.

After purchasing 1,300 acres of land on the Isle of Palms in 1944, former South Carolina state senator and attorney J.C. Long founded The Beach Company as a premier resort and single-family development company. The company introduced paved roads, new bridges, and new homes to the area but also provided necessary services to the island like trash collection, water and streetlights. Long’s vision and legacy includes transforming the Isle of Palms into a resort destination and pioneering the affordable housing sector. During the early post-war stages, he connected his passion for affordable housing to the soldiers returning home from war with the very first HFA deal in the state, which we know today as the Sergeant Jasper. Some of the most coveted neighborhoods in our area today were a result of his work, including Byrnes Downs, Wagener Terrace and Brookgreen Meadows.