Dan Doyle, Senior Vice President of Development, The Beach Company

Dan Doyle, senior vice president of development at The Beach Company, has been appointed to the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce 2018 board of directors. The board, representing a cross-section of businesses throughout the tri-county region, is focused on responsibly advancing the region’s growth through a series of multi-pronged approaches.

“Doing business in similar markets throughout the Southeast has helped me understand how other cities are responding to issues that Charleston is now facing,” said Doyle. “I am looking forward to working together with other leaders in our region to implement solutions that will help us grow economically while at the same time creating a livable environment that everyone can benefit from.”

Doyle, who also chairs the chamber’s Developer’s Council, plans to lend his expertise to key issues facing the tri-county region, including infrastructure improvements and affordable housing solutions, which are critical to businesses looking to operate in the city.

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