John C. L. Darby, President and CEO

The Beach Company’s President and CEO, John Darby, was recently featured as a guest on “South Carolina Business Review,” a morning segment on South Carolina Public Radio that highlights business leaders across the state. In the segment, Darby details the growth of The Beach Company over its 70-year history. From humble beginnings on the Isle of Palms, to acquiring a portfolio of properties along King Street in Charleston, the five-generation, family-owned business became the major real estate development company it is today, with more than 300 employees and dozens of projects throughout the Southeast.

In the segment, Darby takes listeners through the current climate of the real estate industry in the region, noting that receptiveness to development in each city is very different. “Every city is unique and has its benefits and challenges,” said Darby. Compared to Charleston, Darby notes, cities like Greenville and Columbia are pro-growth, business-friendly and embrace progressive change.

When asked about the secret behind The Beach Company’s success, Darby credits the leadership that started in the 1940s and remains strong today. “What a lot of people don’t realize is that we are actually governed by an independent board,” said Darby. He revealed that the company’s structure is unique, as the annual shareholders’ meeting not only serves as an update on the progress of the company, but also as a family reunion that everyone looks forward to.

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