Realtor Magazine listed multifamily community gathering spaces at properties like The Beach Company’s Main + Stone in Greenville, S.C., as one of 2017’s top home design trends. From new colors to countertop materials, the article takes readers through the latest trends in residential real estate.

The Beach Company’s Main + Stone multifamily development is featured in the article as an example of one development with “sought-after social events and gathering spaces” with free monthly events like Bingo & Brews and drawing classes.

Written by Barbara Ballinger, the article cites community gathering spaces as the first trend shaping 2017. “The combination of more time spent on social media and at work and the fact that fewer people live near their family members has caused many to feel isolated and crave face-to-face interactions,” Ballinger writes. Real estate professionals can expect to be inundated next year with amenities featuring gathering spaces, including clubhouses with state-of-the-art kitchens, outdoor decks with pools and movie screens, group fitness classes and planned socials.

At many new multifamily properties, The Beach Company implements a team of two people to partner with the property’s management team to redefine the resident experience through relationships with a focus on increasing resident retention, enhancing online reputation and improving resident satisfaction.

Chris and Jerushah Armfield make up the team at Main + Stone, and work alongside the staff to create a memorable resident experience and provide ways for residents to connect with their neighbors. One way they do this is by hosting free monthly events for residents and their invited guests that feature constructive activities and prizes.

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