Charleston City Boatyard

The Charleston City Marina and the Charleston City Boatyard announce their recertification as South Carolina Clean Marina and Clean Boatyard. The City Marina and Boatyard are two of just 13 certified clean coastal marinas in the state.

The City Marina has been certified as a Clean Marina since 1998 and was the first marina in the state to have a pumpout boat, which was partially funded by the Clean Vessel Act (CVA).

Most recently, marinas and boatyards are required to recertify every five years. This is the first recertification for the City Boatyard, which became a Clean Boatyard in 2010.

“Having the designation of SC Clean Marina helps us show our customers and regulatory agencies that we meet and exceed regulatory requirements,” David Rogers, General Manager of the Charleston City Marina, said. “The Clean Marina Program helps us promote environmental responsibility through educating our customers on good boating practices and protection of our natural resources where we live, work and play.”

The South Carolina Clean Marina Program is part of an effort that includes 24 states and territories to protect and improve water quality by controlling nonpoint source water pollution.

Marinas and boatyards that participate in the Clean Marina program are recognized for their environmental stewardship by engaging in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures, using Best Management Practices.

Under the program, these facilities also encourage their customers and other boaters to use practices to protect our waterways.

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