John C.L. Darby, President + CEO of The Beach Company, Charleston, SC

Chief Executive Magazine Online, a news source for business leaders, recently published an article by The Beach Company’s CEO, John Darby, on the topic of creating a brand with staying power. In the article, Darby shares that he’s often asked about the secret ingredient behind the The Beach Company’s five generations of success.

“While our goals and products have certainly changed since the 1940s, our mission of creating enduring value in every endeavor has never wavered,” said Darby. “We’ve evolved over the years, but this mission remains the core of our DNA. And as CEO, it is my number-one responsibility to ensure that our DNA remains at the center of our brand.”

Darby then shares four ways that The Beach Company is protecting and enhancing its brand, including the importance of tracing your roots, knowing when to switch up the recipe, taking an integrated approach and promoting philanthropy.

“Our company’s second generation of leaders recently shared their life story with shareholders to highlight the importance of brand reputation. They recounted wartime days of rations and a time when hurricanes would land on the beach and they wouldn’t know it until it was at their doorstep,” said Darby. “They worked hard and had struggles, but never let circumstances get in the way of their principles. This message is far more powerful coming from those who lived it and is a necessary exercise for any brand at any stage.”

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