Today, The Beach Company withdrew its Planned Unit Development (PUD) application for the Sergeant Jasper site in downtown Charleston and will reevaluate its options for redeveloping the property.

The PUD was originally developed at the request of the community and incorporated direct feedback into the plan. Even with significant concessions, the plan was still met with resistance – largely due to misinformation about the project that was widely distributed throughout the community. As a result, The Beach Company believes that the climate is no longer conducive for informed, productive public discussion pertaining to the PUD application, as demonstrated at the February 18th Planning Commission meeting.

“As evidenced by our open dialogue with our neighbors on the peninsula over the past six years, we have been committed to transparency surrounding this important project,” said John Darby, The Beach Company’s chief executive officer. “We have a talented, dedicated team that is committed to building a quality project that best serves the people who would like to call The Jasper ‘home.’ I am confident that we will create another great plan.”


Why is The Jasper site such an important project?

The Sergeant Jasper, one of The Beach Company’s first projects, is an iconic property and is situated in an unparalleled location at the entrance to the historic corridor of the peninsula within walking distance to employment centers, City amenities and the waterfront. As such, the future of the site is of great importance and offers great opportunity to those who wish to live and work on the peninsula.

Why did you develop a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?

The PUD was created based on feedback from the community and upon recommendation from the City Planning Department. A Planned Unit Development (PUD) offers more control and clarity on uses, proposed building placement, setbacks, open space, height and density.

What feedback was incorporated into the PUD?

Based on feedback from the community gathered through dozens of public meetings, the following elements were worked into the plan: shift in use from primarily commercial to primarily residential, height limitations, increased open space and setbacks, ample parking, addition of a grocery store, removal of office space, and many more.

Why did you withdraw the PUD application?

Even with the concessions and a significant downzoning proposed in the PUD application, there appears to be no consensus among the stakeholders. For this reason, we are pausing to reevaluate our options. 

What’s next?

There are other options to consider. The Beach Company remains committed to building a quality project.

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