Five generations.
Hundreds of associates.
Countless lives touched.

Since 1945, The Beach Company has developed real estate and invested in South Carolina – and beyond. Starting in Charleston, we’ve made historic impacts on the region’s cultural landscape and economic vitality.

Now in our fifth generation of leadership, we continue this progressive vision, as we expand into markets across the Southeast. The Beach Company excels by setting trends, adding to quality of life, creating opportunity and building value in everything we do. We’re always changing, growing and looking ahead. Because our customers are, too. It’s not just how we make progress. It’s how we all move forward.


Integrity is the foundation for longevity.

The Beach Company’s history is a continuous chain of successful collaborations. Relationships that last generations are nurtured by mutual respect, a cooperative spirit and balancing business objectives with community outcomes. For The Beach Company, it’s a long game. When we make promises, it is with the weight of knowing that we will still be here at the end of the day. Today, tomorrow and for decades to come.


Culture is our collective capacity to create value.

The Beach Company fosters a culture of collaboration, longevity and innovation, a reflection of the realities of people who work here together every day. We nurture diverse perspectives and a cooperative spirit and share a passion for community prosperity. With amenities including an onsite gym, company dining room, full kitchen facilities and private and communal workstations, as well as ongoing volunteer opportunities, The Beach Company strives to promote a healthy and rewarding work-life foundation.



Community partnership means giving back.

The Beach Company supports a culture of volunteering as well as a wide range of local community organizations. Through nonprofit and economic development organizations, our goals are to give back to the communities where we do business to improve quality of life, health, education and housing.


A legacy of leadership.

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives. Their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our stakeholders, communities and residents.

The Big Picture

Creating sustainability in everyday operations.

Through ongoing education, awareness, reflection and accountability, The Beach Company is committed to connecting worldwide sustainable development goals into our overall mission to achieve meaningful impacts in all communities where we do business.

Work With Us On Your Next Project

The Beach Company brings total confidence to each of their endeavors while making every neighborhood better in which they do business. They are communicative, fair and most importantly, reliable. – City Planner, North Charleston, SC 

“The Beach Company has a rich history of delivering superb projects across the Southeast. Their smart and disciplined professionalism, coupled with decades of experience and generational wealth, have resulted in fruitful returns of my investment time and time again.”

Asheville, NC

Art at the Jasper: MARGE MOODY
Evening, 2019