Guido van Helten, an award-winning Australian visual artist and photographer, has begun working on a large-scale mural as part of the re-development of a downtown Greenville office building.

Commissioned by The Beach Company, the developer of the nearby Canvas community, van Helten will create a photorealistic mural on the façade of the eight-story office building in the Heritage Green Arts District.

The subject of van Helten’s mural will not be revealed prior to the mural’s start. After approximately two weeks, the subject will begin to take shape, and the full mural is expected to be completed about eight weeks later.

“The Beach Company commissioned Guido van Helten to create this public artwork because of his ability to capture the unique character of a community,” said Tim Cotter, development manager at The Beach Company. “This mural will illustrate the spirit of Greenville and will complement Canvas’ position within the city’s flourishing arts and cultural district.”

Comprised of both new construction and the renovation of the 130,000-square-foot office building, Canvas will include 48 for-rent multifamily apartments, 31 for-sale townhomes and 21,805 square feet of retail space, all of which are located in a highly walkable location in downtown Greenville.